Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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Nothing is difficult once you have learned it. That applies to Microsoft Office Excel 2007 as well, and once you have learned it, you will be able to do things you never dreamed of! In this Excel 2007 ebook you will learn how to use formulas, tables and charts. Furthermore, chapters in this ebook focus on how to do calculations, how to format and how to use Excel 2007 functions.


  1. What is New in Excel 2007
    1. Ribbons and Tabs
    2. Larger workspace
    3. More Colours
    4. Colour Themes and Styles
    5. Improved Pivot Tables
    6. Improved Condi tional Formatting
    7. More and Better-Looking Charts
    8. New File Format
    9. Where can I find the Old Buttons?
  2. First Look at Excel
    1. The Screen and its Elements
    2. Navigating the spreadsheet
    3. wnnngin the Cells
    4. Adaptation of Cell Size
    5. Selecting Cells
  3. Calculations
    1. Formulas
    2. Formulas with references
    3. Functions
  4. Copying cells
    1. Simple Copying
    2. Series
    3. Copying Formulas
  5. Formatting
    1. Text and colours
    2. Number Formats
    3. Date and Time
    4. Formatting Tables
  6. Working with Tables
    1. Create a Table
    2. Filtering
    3. Sorting
    4. Pivot Tables
  1. Charts
    1. Bar Charts
    2. Line Charts
    3. Charts with both Columns and Lines
    4. Circle Charts
    5. Scatter Charts
    6. Chart Sheet
    7. Viewing and Printing
    8. Viewing
    9. Adjust Print Range
  2. Working with Multiple Spreadsheets
    1. working with Sheet Tabs
    2. Retrieve Data from Other workbooks
  3. Macros – Automation
    1. Recording a Macro
    2. Play a Macro
    3. A Button for Your Macro
  4. Advanced Excel
    1. Nested Functions
    2. Look-up
    3. Mathematical and Statistical Functions
    4. Logical functions
    5. Analyse Data with Analysis Toolpak
    6. Goal Seek
  5. II Concluding Remarks



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