Daily vocabulary-4

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1. SYBARITIC (adjective) विलास प्रिय
Meaning: fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.
Synonyms: luxurious, extravagant, pampered, lavish, self-indulgent, sensual, voluptuous, hedonistic, epicurean, libertine, debauched, dissolute, decadent.
Antonyms: abstinent, ascetic, abstemious, sober, non-indulgent, disciplined, temperate, spartan.
Usage: Though most of her family thought she was overly sybaritic, the luxury-loving heiress saw nothing wrong with living the high life.

2. PICAYUNE (adjective) निकम्मा
Meaning: not broad or open in views or opinions
Synonyms: illiberal, insular, Lilliputian, narrow-minded, parochial, petty, sectarian, small-minded
Antonyms: broad-minded, catholic, cosmopolitan, liberal, open, open-minded, receptive, tolerant.
Usage: They argued over the most picayune details.

3. BOGGLE (verb)  झिझकना
Meaning: to make or do (something) in a clumsy or unskillful way.
Synonyms: blow, bobble, botch, bumble, bungle, dub, flub, fluff, foozle, fumble, mangle, muck up, muff.
Antonyms: ameliorate, enhance, help, improve, rectify, refine, reform, remedy, recondition, renovate, repair, revamp.
Usage: She boggled her first effort to stick her dismount.

4. DULCIFY (verb) मधुर करना 
Meaning: to make agreeable; mollify
Synonyms: appease, conciliate, pacify, placate, propitiate, allay, assuage, mitigate, relieve, alleviate.
Antonyms: rancid, sour, gruff, dour, grim, glum, agitate, incite, aggravate, acrid, acetify.
Usage: His harshest tones in this part came steeped and dulcified in good humor.

5. MAUL (verb) पीटना
Meaning: treat (something) savagely or roughly.
Synonyms: maltreat, manhandle, whip, grope, pummel, trounce, trample, bash, batter, brawl, maim.
Antonyms: caress, pet, coddle, mollycoddle, pamper, foster, nurture, aid, assist.
Usage: A bear killed one hiker and badly mauled the other.

6. INURE (verb) सहनशील बनाना
Meaning: accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant.
Synonyms: harden, toughen, habituate, familiarize, acclimatize, adjust, adapt, desensitize, fortify, indurate.
Antonyms: emasculate, enervate, enfeeble, weaken, cripple, debilitate, hamstring, incapacitate, sensitize.
Usage: Soon, the girls became inure to the cruel treatment of their kidnapper and started to think of him as their savior.

7. SURMISE (verb) अनुमान करना
Meaning: suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.
Synonyms: guess, conjecture, deduce, infer, conclude, theorize, speculate, glean, assume, presume, reckon.
Antonyms: document, establish, prove, substantiate, validate, ascertain, determine.
Usage: Without knowing the facts, the judge chose to surmise the defendant was guilty.

8. PENITENCE (noun) पछतावा
Meaning: the action of feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong.
Synonyms: contrition, guilt, regret, remorse, repentance, rue, self-reproach, shame, prick, qualm.
Antonyms: impenitence, remorselessness, brazenness, sauciness, exaltation, impudence, audacity, effrontery.
Usage: The reverse also holds, that failure to live morally betrays and invalidates religious devotion unless there is genuine penitence.

9. VOUCHSAFE (verb) साक्ष्य देना
Meaning: reveal or disclose (information).
Synonyms: disclose, reveal, divulge, impart, pass on, let out, let slip, give away, broadcast, air, circulate.
Antonyms: barred, prohibited, outlawed, proscribed, impermissible, interdicted, forbidden.
Usage: But he neither repudiated the misleading words nor vouchsafed any clear explanation of them.

10. TORPOR (noun) उदासीनता
Meaning: a state of physical or mental inactivity; lethargy.
Synonyms: torpidity, sluggishness, dullness, listlessness, languor, languidness, stagnation, laziness, idleness, indolence, sloth, weariness, lassitude, fatigue.
Antonyms: eagerness, enthusiasm, keenness, spiritedness, vigor, vim, vitality, vivacity.
Usage: During the winter, the bears fall into an intense torpor.
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