Daily Vocab 5th Aug,2017

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Hello dear aspirants, Here is the vocabulary list for upcoming bank and other competitive exams. Do study it on daily basis and enhance your vocabulary skills.

1. Vibrant (Adjective): Full of energy and life (जीवंत)

Synonyms: Animated, Energetic, Lively, Vital, Vivid, Zesty

Antonyms: Apathetic, Colourless, Dull, Dispirited, Lifeless

Example: With a vibrant burst of vigour, the marathon runner shot to the finish line and claimed the prize.


2. Overcome (Verb): Succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty (काबू में कर लेना)

Synonyms: Conquered, Defeated, Overthrown, Run over, Swamped

Antonyms: Unconquered, Unsurpassed

Example: Jenny had to overcome her fear of blood when she decided to become a nurse.

Verb Forms: Overcome, Overcame, Overcome


3. Warmth (Noun): Enthusiasm, affection, or kindness (गर्मजोशी)

Synonyms: Fervour, Passion, Glow, Hospitality, Zeal

Antonyms: Apathy, Coolness, Dislike, Indifference

Example: Memory of their first meeting brought warmth to her cheeks.

Related Words: Warm (Adjective): At a fairly high temperature

Warm (Noun): A hot place or area


4. Persecution (Noun): Persistent annoyance or harassment (अत्याचार)

Synonyms: Ill-treatment, Infliction, Oppression, Torture

Antonyms: Happiness, Help, Joy, Stimulation, Succour

Example: Many people flee their countries to escape persecution.

Related Words: Persecute (Verb): Harass or annoy someone persistently


5. Indelible (Adjective): Making marks that cannot be removed (अमिट)

Synonyms: Inerasable, Lasting, Memorable, Permanent, Rememberable

Antonyms: Destructible, Erasable, Impermanent

Example: After the kindness he has shown to our family during this difficult time, he will always have an indelible place in all our hearts.


6. Quest (Noun): A long or arduous search for something (खोज/तलाश)

Synonyms: Delving, Hunt, Journey, Probe, Pursuit, Search, Seek

Antonyms: Bolt, Dodge, Escape, Retreat

Example: During my quest to be healthier, I will seek assistance from both a nutritionist and a personal trainer.


7. Propel (Verb): Drive or push something forwards (आगे बढ़ना)

Synonyms: Drive, Impel, Move, Push, Thrust

Antonyms: Discourage, Hinder, Hold, Repress, Stop

Example: In order to propel the ministry into commission, the church was accepting monetary donations.

Related Words: Propellant (Noun): A substance that propels something

Propellant (Adjective): Capable of propelling something


 8. Avenues (Noun): A way of making progress towards something (रास्ते)

Synonyms: Admittance, Approach, Course, Ingress, Way

Antonyms: Egress, Refusal

Example: They explored every avenue in an attempt to avoid war.


9. Scourge (Noun): A person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering (विपत्ति)

Synonyms: Adversity, Affliction, Difficulty, Distress, Trouble, Woe

Antonyms: Advantage, Blessing, Boon, Delight, Reward

Example: The Odyssey is an epic poem that tells of the trials of Odysseus as he tries to survive one scourge after another on his ten-year journey at sea.


10. Affinity (Noun): A natural liking for and understanding of someone or something (लगाव)

Synonyms: Affection, Closeness, Leaning, Rapport, Sympathy

Antonyms: Dislike, Dissimilarity, Hate, Hatred

Example: My natural affinity for the arts has led me to museums located all over the country.


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