Daily Vocab 4th Aug,2017

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Hello dear aspirants, Here is the vocabulary list for upcoming bank and other competitive exams. Do study it on daily basis and enhance your vocabulary skills.

1. Epochal (Adjective): Forming or characterizing an epoch (नवयुगीन/ महत्त्वपूर्ण)

Synonyms: Cyclical, Occasional, Periodical, Rhythmic, Seasonal

Antonyms: Frequent, Permanent, Perpetual, Regular, Usual

Example: Because the film wasn’t epochal, it wasn’t nominated for any awards.

Related Words: Epoch (Noun): A particular period of time in history or a person’s life


2. Glitches (Noun): Sudden, usually temporary malfunctions (खामियाँ)

Synonyms: Bug, Defect, Flaw, Setback, Malfunction, Snag

Antonyms: Advantage, Perfection, Strength

Example: A technical glitch caused a temporary shutdown.


3. Impede (Verb): Delay or prevent something by obstructing them (अवरूद्ध)

Synonyms: Block, Curb, Disrupt, Hamper, Restrain, Stymie

Antonyms: Advance, Assist, Expedite, Facilitate, Unlock

Example: What are the problems that impede our progress on the task?

Verb Forms: Impede, Impeded, Impeded

Related Words: Impediment (Noun): A hindrance or obstruction in doing something


4. Semblance (Noun): The outward appearance or apparent form of something (झलक/आभास)

Synonyms: Air, Bearing, Facade, Feeling, Likeness, Resemblance

Antonyms: Difference, Dissimilarity, Unlikeness

Example: Even though I was nervous during my presentation, I tried to project a semblance of calmness while speaking.


5. Skew (Noun): A bias towards one particular group or subject (झुकाव/झुका हुआ)

Synonyms: Bend, Bias, Contort, Slant, Sloped, Twist

Antonyms: Maintain, Strengthen

Example: Because we didn’t use a level when hanging it, the picture was skew on the wall.

Related Words: Skew (Adjective): Neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line

Skew (Verb): Suddenly change direction or position


6. Subservient (Adjective): Less important; subordinate (अधीनसहायक)

Synonyms: Cowering, Deferential, Inferior, Man, Submissive

Antonyms: Controlling, Dictatorial, Domineering, Overbearing

Example: While I do not mind following reasonable orders on occasion, I am far from subservient and will not do everything I am told.

Related Word: Subservience (Noun): The condition of being less important than something else


7. Wand (Noun):  A long, thin stick or rod (छड़ी)

Synonyms: Bar, Baton, Cane, Pole, Stick, Twig

Antonyms: Clearance, Unbar

Example: With them were found many reliefs in ivory, on tusks, wands and cylinders.


8. Hassles (Noun): Irritating inconveniences (बाधाएँ)

Synonyms: Clamour, Difficulty, Squabble, Tussle, Tumult, Upset

Antonyms: Agreement, Aid, Harmony, Tranquillity

Example: The police often seem to hassle young people that are just hanging out on the streets with friends.


9. Compliance (Noun): The action or fact of complying with a wish or command (अनुपालन)

Synonyms: Amenability, Conformity, Obedience, Observance

Antonyms: Difference, Defiance, Denial, Rebellion, Refusal, Veto

Example: In the army, there are harsh consequences for soldiers who are not in compliance with military laws.

Related Word: Compliant (Adjective): Meeting or in accordance with rules or standards


10. Venture (Verb): Undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action (कार्य/उद्यम)

Synonyms: Action, Business, Doing, Task

Antonyms: Idleness, Inaction, Protection, Safety

Example: Although the venture is going to cost me a lot of money, I can easily recoup my funds in three months if the business is successful.

Related Word: Venture (Noun): A risky or daring journey or undertaking

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